Tom Buron

Tom Buron is a French writer born in 1992 in the south suburbs of Paris. His poems and short-stories have been published in numerous magazines and revues over France, Belgium, USA and the UK before his first piece Le Blues du 21e Siècle & Autres Poèmes, long poem and manifesto, was published by Editions MaelstrÖm in 2016. His second book, Nostaljukebox, influenced by jazz, which was released in 2017 with an introduction from beat poet Jack Hirschman, received laudatory critics from French cult magazine Les Lettres Françaises. 

His poetic trilogy, Nadirs, composed of Timbales Téléphoniques, Nostaljukebox and Le Blues du 21e Siècle was released earlier this year with cover art from English painter and musician James Johnston (Gallon Drunk, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, PJ Harvey). He was a finalist for the SGDL Révélation Prize in France. 

He often performs his poetry on stage with musicians and is also translator from english (Joseph Ridgwell, D. Park Barnitz, Benjamin Whitmer, JR Helton, etc.). 

Joseph Ridgwell

Joseph Ridgwell was raised in East London and is a cult figure of the literary underground.

Tales of Ridgwell’s own life are just starting to filter into the consciousness of the intrepid lit fiend, but if true they are as wild and weird as the very stories he writes. Some have even gone so far as to state that his books should be either banned or stamped with Government Health Warnings after several unsuspecting readers had their minds snapped after reading them.

In 2008 Blackheath Books published his 1st chapbook of poetry, the now highly sought after, Where Are The Rebels? This was followed by cult classics such as Load the Guns, Last Days of the Cross, Lost Elation, Indonesia, The Cross, Cuba, Jamaica, Ridgwell Stories & Burrito Deluxe. Further publications followed and continue to appear every year - with Ibiza published by East London Press being his very latest. 

H P Tinker

HP Tinker (born 24 May 1969) is a Manchester-based short story writer of comic avant garde fiction. In 2007, Time Out called him an "unsung comic genius" and he has been referred to as "the Thomas Pynchon of Chorlton-cum-Hardy"

His collection of short fiction, The Swank Bisexual Wine Bar of Modernity (2007), became an instant underground classic on its release and earned Tinker cult author status. "If HP Tinker didn't exist, you'd have to make him up... he is as influenced as much by Woody Allen, Dr Seuss and Morrissey as he is by William Burroughs and Joe Orton. As one of the brave ones — and one of Britain's most shameless writers — HP Tinker has been peddling his own brand of surrealism for years now, in stories littered with pop cultural references where you are as likely to meet Dorothy Parker, Tom Paulin, Paul Gauguin as you are Dean Martin and Morrissey.

Michael Keenaghan

Michael Keenaghan's stories have featured in several issues of Push and Verbal literary magazines. He lives in London and is considered by many to be one of the Capital’s finest contemporary crime writers.  

Ford Dagenham

Ford Dagenham has run a poetry and photography blog of poems, poetry and photographs since summer 2011. 

His 2019 publishings include Divine Brown Issue 1 from Hickathrift Press, Scare Devil from Tangerine Press, and the collection Wire in the Glass from Analog Submission Press. He is working on a short story collection called Genre Collapse. When he’s not writing he photographs nature, toys and the skies. He lives at home on the Thames delta with his wife and retired cat.

You can visit him here - hatchbacksonfire - where he posts new material daily.

Gwil James Thomas

Gwil James Thomas is a poet, novelist and inept musician originally from the historically infamous city of Bristol, England. His written work can be found widely in print and also online. In 2019 he has two forthcoming poetry chapbooks - Writing Beer, Drinking Poetry (Concrete Meat Press) and In The Barrel of a Beautiful Wave (Holy & Intoxicated Publications). He’s currently living in Northern Spain where he writes, undertakes odd jobs and does his best to stay out of trouble.

Martin Appleby

Martin is a punk, poet, vegetarian, cider drinking scumbag from Hastings, England. He is also editor of literary zine PAPER AND INK -   

Hosho McCreesh

Hosho McCreesh is currently writing, painting, and making stuff in the gypsum & caliche badlands of the American Southwest. He can be found at

Joe England

Joe England was born in Malta. He has had previous work published in literary magazines that include: Verbal, Paper & Ink, Shift, Glove and Razur Cuts. He was also the founder and editor of the successful, but short-lived zine - Push - sold on the street literature.

Mike Mahoney

Born in Wallingford with a mushroom shaped left hip, Mahoney was absent from school the day the 'Wonder Killer' came and removed all the children's sense of Wonder.  He's kept his ever since and fed it well.  Now it seems it's outgrown Mike's head and notebooks and is roaming out into the world, beast-like, on four legs, flicking its tongue in the air to catch a scent.  Mike bears no responsibility for any altered thoughts or elevated heart rates, expansions of consciousness, explosions of sanity or ecstasy in the frontal lobe, tightness or wetness in the groin, or any other signs or symptoms of stimulation.  He’s been called “the best young poet I know on Planet Earth” (Antler) and “the uncelebrated giant of modern poetry,” (Booth) who’s “half-genius, half devil’s footman,” (Ridgwell) and “writes with the sound & fury of a dying star,” (McCreesh).

John D Robinson

John D Robinson is a UK based poet: hundreds of his poems have appeared online and in print: He has published several chapbooks and two collections of his poetry: 'Hang In There'  (Uncollected Press USA 2019) ' A Hash Smoking, Codeine Swallowing, Wine Drinking Son Of A Bitch' (Alien Buddha Press USA 2019)

Brian McGettrick

Brian McGettrick lives a half life in front of the typewriter and a full life with his wife and two daughters in Belfast. His first collection, 'Everything Else We Must Endure', was published by Sunnyoutside Press in February 2011 ( A second collection ‘Advice From The Dead I Know By Heart’ was recently published by Analog Submission Press ( The broadside ‘A Simple Exchange’ was published by the Kircubbin based Ten Point Press ( 

Jared A Carnie

Jared A. Carnie grew up in Essex. He lived in the Outer Hebrides for a while and now lives in Sheffield. His debut novel, Waves, was released in 2016. His poetry pamphlet, LYME, will be released in 2020. He can be found at