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Broadwater Farm Blues


2nd in our pocket-sized book series is Broadwater Farm Blues by Michael Keenaghan, considered by many to be one of the Capitals finest crime writers. Set in the 24-hour badlands of North-East London, Riz is skint, has a potential jail stretch hanging over him, and is sick of playing runaround for his more-successful drug-dealing friend T-Bone. Furthermore, he's haunted by a violent childhood spent on Tottenham's Broadwater Farm Estate. The end result is an explosive night of madness and daring back on The Farm, where Riz will either reap the rewards he has so long craved, or meet the usual bloody end of so many of his fellow roadmen.

Designed to slip snugly into the back pocket of your jeans, this letter pressed, hand-sewn and handbound craft item is limited to an edition of 50 copies,

£4.99 per book plus P&P