PUSH Magazine was founded by Joe England in 2013 and has since gone on to become one of the UK's best-selling literary zines - with over 2000 copies sold in it's first year of existence. PUSH magazine is sold on the street literature -specifically outside West Ham United's Football Ground and other London street venues. With it's back to basics values and the ability to tap into an unknown literary market - the UK football fan - PUSH has quickly become a publishing phenomenon. We believe that getting football fans to read poetry on match day is a major achievement And yet PUSH is far more than just a gimmick. With an endorsement from Irvine Welsh and a forward by John King - and featuring interviews with famous authors, Booker winners, and Granta Best of British writers -alongside new writers, cult writers, and writing which usually only exists in the margins, PUSH has produced something NEW in literature. And with the publication of the anthology - PUSH the Best of 1 - 10 - East London Press is confident that there is nothing comparable in today's bloated book market. 

It is a publication that defies categorisation and will appeal to readers of all ages, tastes, and backgrounds. 

We believe that this is a truly unique book and are thrilled to have the pleasure of bringing it to a wider audience. 

Now all you have to do is add the book to your cart. 

Publication date - 1st December 2014

The Editorial Team - East London Press - Bethnal Green

*Although not every contributor's work is included in PUSH - The Best of the First Ten Issues - we at ELP felt it necessary to mention every contributor. Thus everyone who did contribute to the first ten issues features in the book. 

Contributors to the first ten issues of PUSH Magazine were as follows:

Issue One

Published March 2013
44 pages, print run of 120
Theme: The Man Has His Hand Up Your Arse
Sold at Aldershot/Wimbledon and West Ham/West Brom
Carton Burns ‘Pipe’, Joe England ‘Arriving’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘For The Boys On The Riverbank’, Raymond Gorman ‘Manic Pop Haikus #1’, Jeff North ‘The Prison Pomes’, Ian Scanlon ‘The Numbers’, The Joseph Ridgwell Review: The Unspeakable Writings Of Terry Southern, Michael Keenaghan ‘Bent’, Dirty Boozy Bastard ‘Blue Lion,’ Ian Scanlon ‘Maybe Friends Then’, Joe England ‘Doomed Love’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘For All The Dead Heiresses’, Raymond Gorman ‘Manic Pop Haikus #2’.

Issue Two

Published April 2013
44 pages, print run of 120
Theme: London
Sold at West Ham/Man Utd
Joseph Ridgwell ‘Gone To The Dogs’, Bobby Dean Ward ‘Where’s Grandada?’, Steve Sacre ‘Hardnut/Fire/Brother,’ Joe England ‘Mapledune’, u.v.ray ‘Tearing Down the Monuments’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Snitch’, Ian Cusack ‘Pigeons/Easterside Nocturne’, Raymond Gorman, ‘Cobalt Blue’, Dirty Boozy Bastard ‘Fernando’s Hideaway’, Joe England ‘Long Shadow’, Raymond Gorman ‘Climate Blind’, Ian Scanlon ‘Elephant’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Dirty Old River/Ode To Vera Cruz/Fuckers’.

Issue Three

Published May 2013
44 Pages, print run of 120 Theme: Not London, Ann Quin

Sold at launch at The Grafton, Kentish Town and West Ham/Reading
Carlton Burns ‘Mother’, Jennifer Dunn ‘Last Rites’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Ghosts’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Jack Sheppard’s Last Stand’, Joe England ‘Train In Vain’, Anette Roller ‘Earthquake You Gently’, Raymond Gorman ‘ Beethoven’s Birthday’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Heroism Of The Longneck’, Andrew Taylor ‘Twig Bucket’, Bekkie Collins Budd ‘Late Shop Of Lost Things’, Andrew Taylor ‘Elizabeth On The Sofa’, Anette Roller ‘Familiar Strangers’, Mikael Covey ‘Something Happened’, Ian Cusack ‘D Overton/Horseplay’, Dirty Boozy Bastard ‘Work, Writing, Women’, Steve Sacre ‘Bullets’.

Issue Four

Published June 2013
44 Pages, print run of 80
Theme: Comedown
Football season over
Simon Dent ‘Woolwich’, Steve Mcgillivray ‘Comedown’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Annie’, Joe England ‘Low Pain Threshold’, Ian Cusack ‘The Sporting Life’, Allan Wilson ‘Eyes’, Gwil James Thomas ‘The Salmon Man In The Crowd’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Henry Lawson’, Anette Roller ‘Milky Way’, Ian Scanlon ‘Peripheral’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘The Sawmill’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Snitch’, Andrew Taylor ‘Prefab’, Ian Cusack ‘Alma Meter’, Joe England ‘Drinking In The Daylight’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘To Fade Away’.

Issue Five

Published July 2013
44 pages, print run of 120
Theme: Music
Sold on opening day at West Ham/Cardiff
Joseph Ridgwell ‘Blind Beggar Blues’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Grafter’, Bobby Dean Ward ‘East End Babylon’, Joe England ‘Summer Loving’, Gwil James Thomas ‘Sparse Light’, Ian Scanlon ‘Nihilism’, Ian Cusack ‘Hobgoblin’, Raymond Gorman ‘TV Eye’, Andy Wishart ‘Frank Blood’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Weapon Of Choice’, Steve Mcgillivray ‘Tube Station’.

Issue Six

Published August 2013
44 pages, print run of 120
Theme: The Football Special
Sold at West Ham/Stoke City
Ian Cusack ‘Follow, Follow’, Joe England ‘Cup Final Day’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘In Memoriam’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Relegation’, Daniel McCahon ‘The One We’ll Never Know’, Kevin Williamson ‘Evidently Edinburgh’, Raymond Gorman ‘The Ballad Of Gerry McGowan’, Ian Scanlon ‘Bad Idea’, Grounsell Stannington ‘White Hart, White Heat’, Ridgwell Junior ‘The Ace Face’, Allan Wilson ‘Tits’.

Issue Seven

Published October 2013
44 pages, print run of 120
Theme: Revolution
Sold at West Ham/Man City
Gwil James Thomas ‘Arnedo and A Brief Revolutionary Relapse of The Mind’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Where Are The Rebels’, Carlton Burns ‘Warhead’, Anette Roller ‘The Attempt’, Joe England ‘Maybe’, Allan Wilson ‘Terrorist’, David Peace Interview, Michael Keenaghan ‘Black and Tans’, Clare Archibald ‘Foot- binding’, Jenni Fagan Interview, Ian Cusack ‘A Quiet One’.

Issue Eight

Published November 2013
56 pages, print run of 120
Theme: Recovery
Sold at West Ham/Chelsea
Billy B.S. ‘Introducing Myself’, Clare Archibald ‘Homeless in time for Christmas’, Ian Cusack ‘Words of Expectation’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Ghost Dance’, Anette Roller ‘Behind The Curtain’, Kevin Williamson Interview, Raymond Gorman ‘A Quiet Revolution of the Heart’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Pulse’, Johnny Crucial ‘Rock On’, Abi Cornwall ‘Flags’, Joe England ‘Powdered Clown’, Tony O’Neill Interview, Ford Dagenham ‘A13 AM’ &

‘Art Mandate’, Gwil James Thomas ‘A Scar Story’, Alan Wilson ‘Senses’, Rude Girl ‘Untitled’.

Issue Nine

Published January 2014
60 pages, print run of 120. Reprint six weeks later, 50 copies Theme: Optimism
Sold at West Ham/Newcastle Utd & also West Ham/Swansea City Ford Dagenham ‘Optimism’, Michael Keenaghan ‘Payday’, Adelle Stripe ‘Big Weekend’, Carlton Burns ‘My Sunday’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Footsteps In The Rain’, Grant Fleming Interview, Ian Cusack ‘Tiger’, Ronnie Lane ‘Slim Chance & The Passing Show’, Allan Wilson ‘Uncle Pavvy, Joe England ‘To The Arsenal’, Dan Fante Interview, Pepe Arroyo ‘Fakebook Stalking Blues’, Jim Gibson ‘Born Into This Chicken Town’, Dickson Telfer ‘Ella 21:18’.

Issue Ten

Published March 2014
First anniversary special edition
84 pages, print run of 140
Twin Themed: Celebration/Grieving.
Sold at West Ham/Man Utd & also West Ham/Liverpool
Carlton Burns ‘Birthday’, Clare Archibald ‘Shush’, Melissa Mann ‘The Stand’, ‘Jim Gibson ‘Ken’, Joseph Ridgwell ‘Keep On Rocking 1990’, Jah Wobble Interview, Michael Keenaghan ‘Liar’, Rude Girl ‘The Eternal Spring’, Dickson Telfer ‘On This Occasion’, Adelle Stripe ‘Ghostdancing’, Ian Scanlon ‘Cuckoo’, Allan Wilson ‘Fuck The Boss Who Finds This’, Roddy Doyle Interview, Ben Williams ‘Stranger’, P.A. Levy ‘Dogs Don’t Shit In Heaven’, Joe England ‘Dead’, Raymond Gorman ‘People You Might Know’, Ian Cusack ‘Tir na nOg’, Ford Dagenham ‘Stale Cheese Biscuit’.