East London Press was founded in 2014.

We publish writers & artists whose work reflects subculture and local communities. Our main focus is on working-class fiction, but if something is good, different, we'll publish it regardless.

We believe that a good book can change the world. 

The first book to be published by East London Press was PUSH 1 - Rapidly followed by PUSH 2.

In between these fine collections of contemporary working-class fiction - was the genius of HP Tinker's - The Girl Who Ate New York - and Joe England's brilliant debut novel - Hudson Lamb is Innocent.    

Our latest publication is - Ibiza - by cult author Joseph Ridgwell. Ridgwell's Ibiza is the first in a new series of limited edition, handmade pocket sized books. The books are of such dimensions as to be easily fitted into the back pocket of your jeans. Sexy is what they are and exclusive is what they will always remain. 

Next up will be 3 Poets Volume 1, featuring the stellar work of poets - Mike Mahoney, John Dorsey and Hosho McCreesh. Once again a handmade, limited edition book, a thing of beauty. The sky is the limit with this series, as we plan to publish 99 volumes of 3 Poets. 

After that who knows - but be sure of one thing - when you buy an ELP book - you buy the future.

The Editorial Team - East London Press - Bethnal Green - Tangiers - New York

Our logo is the head of Jack Shepperd - the first and greatest working-class hero