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East London Press proudly present the 2nd anthology of PUSH Magazine - PUSH 2 - Sold on the Street Literature.
It goes without saying that we at ELP are damn proud to bring together more of the UK's finest contemporary working-class literature, artwork, and literary interviews from the runaway success that is PUSH Magazine. All editions of the magazine are sold out. Featuring cult writing, literary interviews and subversive artwork. Edited by Joe England PUSH 2 features new work by Human Punk author John King and PUSH regulars Joseph Ridgwell, Michael Keenaghan, Ford Dagenham & Ian Cusack. At 224 pages the book also includes photographs and artwork. In today's toxic political climate this book and it's writers, artists and poets are vital, and you as the customer are vital.

ELP Press HQ July 2015.

Publication Date - 04/08/2015 - Advance orders welcome

Footnote: PUSH 2 also contains the UK's most important poem - How Come? by Kevin Williamson. We at ELP invite the British establishment to read this poem and then ask themselves - How Come?