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Songs from the Underground


Songs from the Underground. The finest collection of literature to be published this century. Contemporary names alongside famous cult authors of the past. The importance of this collection cannot be underestimated. In this book you will read the truth, the reality of the universe, and encounter zero censorship. Unlike the mainstream, where publishing conglomerates employ legions of nefarious sensitivity readers to weed out anything that doesn’t fit the party line, Songs from the Underground, embraces total creative freedom. Sure, you’ll be offended, now and again, but so fucking what? I mean, if you want to go through life without being offended, then you might as well buy a one-way ticket to Disneyland. Featuring work by none other than William Blake, John King, Joseph Ridgwell, Stevie Smith, Sonia Hadj Said, John D Robinson, Henry Lawson, Sophie Parkin, Ford Dagenham, Jose Arroyo, Mike Mahoney, The Marquis de Sade, H P Tinker, Hosho McCreesh, Daphne du Maurier, John Clare, Mark SaFranko, Li Po, Michael Keenaghan, Cookie Muller, Terry Southern, Richard Brautigan, Cathi Unsworth, Jacob Louis Beaney, Sandy Denny, Philip Larkin, Jonathon Swift, Dame Sasha Henry, Valerie Solanas, Otto Rene Castillo, Emily Dickinson, Gwil James Thomas, Omar Khayyam, Bonnie Parker, Penelope McCormack, Tom Buron, Elizabeth Taylor, Martin Appleby, Nizami Ganjavi, and many, many more....
Printed on superior paper to mainstream paperbacks, with a gatefolded cover, colour illustrations, and artwork by the original witch of Kings Cross - Rosaleen Norton. This objet d art will enhance any book shelf or coffee table, and will be the talking point of any dinner party with a host intelligent enough to have purchased a copy. Limited to an edition of 250 paperback copies and 50 hardback copies.